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Welcome to Joy Orthodontics

Every day we create amazing smiles for our patients. Beautiful, unique smiles that help a person feel better about his or her appearance and increases self-confidence. Our orthodontists, Dr. Mitchell Levine, Dr. Jessica Crews, and every member of our team are passionate about our work. What other profession would let us get to know such amazing people and improve each of their lives at the same time?

Orthodontics is about transforming lives. When we straighten a person’s teeth, we give them a good bite, which improves their oral health and overall well-being. Straighter teeth also means a more attractive smile, which leads to a person more willing to smile and laugh openly. Watching a patient, someone we have come to view as a friend, transform from someone who hides their smile to being a person who smiles openly and happily, is an amazing experience, and it’s one we have every day.

Some of the care options available at Joy Orthodontics are:

Before starting orthodontics, it’s essential you know your treatment options and what’s involved in the process. We invite you to call and schedule a complimentary consultation, for your child or yourself, at our Jacksonville orthodontic office or St. Johns orthodontic office. Come in, talk about your smile dreams, receive a free exam, and learn about your options for making that dream a reality.

Everyone at Joy Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our practice and starting you on the path to a healthy, beautiful smile you’ll love sharing with the world!

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